Star Strooper MVP: let’s try something new


After analyzing the problem with Pixel Traveler, we realized that we may have made two possible mistakes:

  1. We haven’t tried our idea before investing time in the development
  2. We haven’t promoted our game properly

Maybe we should validate our game ideas before committing months of our time in building something people don’t want eh? πŸ˜…

With Pixel Traveler we started with the assumption that making a game about Nurikabe that would be more accessible and easier to use than the competitors would have been enough to attract players to install our game.

We also waited too much to release the game, we wanted to make it perfect, bug free and complete with all the features.

This time we want to validate our idea first, we need an MVP (minimum viable product).

Here is where Star Strooper comes into the picture: a simple game inspired by the Stroop Effect πŸ‘€

Star Strooper

Few key elements of the game:

  • Action puzzle gameπŸ•ΉοΈ
  • Synthwave music 🎹
  • Neon colors 🌈
  • Particle effects ✨

We are going to work just on a small prototype that will act as our MVP. The development will be continued only in case of a positive reaction from the users.

About the author

Davide Della Casa Venturelli