Harsh Truth: Not everything goes according to plan


After 3 months from the release of Pixel Traveler we haven’t got the reaction we were expecting from the mobile game community.

When we launched Alberi and Treasure Maps in 2011 and 2013 the users engagement was way higher: we received emails with feedback, comments, ideas, feature requests, etc.. almost every week and money was flowing since day one. Considering that we weren’t even advertising the games that was really amazing.

If we will not be able to engage users and to make enough money, we will not be able to pay the future development activities. This is the harsh truth we need to accept.

Maybe the mobile market has changed, maybe it’s the competition, maybe people just don’t like Nurikabe. We don’t know yet, but we are willing to investigate further what’s going wrong with our game and/or our strategy.

At least, thanks to paid advertisement, we managed to increase the game visibility and reach the first 1000 installations and the game is ranked pretty good under the keyword Nurikabe.

Google play store ranking for Nurikabe
Google Play Store game ranking

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Davide Della Casa Venturelli