AuthorDavide Della Casa Venturelli

Pixel Traveler is ready for the new year!


The new year is around the corner: our team has just released a new maintenance version of Pixel Traveler to solve some issues reported by the players during the past weeks 🪲. Last Minute for the new year As part of our second major release, we introduced the Last Minute. The purpose was to provide extra free puzzles while we work on new destinations (or packs) and a way to challenge friends on...

How to improve the Nurikabe experience for new players


Our team has been working on making Nurikabe easier for new Pixel Traveler players 🎮. We can describe most grid based puzzle games with a simple sentence. Few examples? Sudoku: fill rows, columns and squares with the numbers from 1 to 9Nonogram: fill groups of cells according to the given numbers located on each row and columnNumberlink: connect equal numbers without intersecting paths Problem...

New entry!


Today we are here to announce our new collaborator: Laura Piccinini! 😎 (Picci on our Discord)

She is going to take care of the social media management while we are going to be busy with the development activities 💻🤓.

She is going to be our voice 📣 on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Instagram and is going to answer your comments and emails 📧.

Let’s give her a nice and warm welcome! ❤️‍🔥

It’s about time Apple! Pixel Traveler on iOS


After 6 months we finally solved the problem with our Apple Id.It’s insane how much Apple took to solve a small bureaucratic issue 😧. Anyway, finally Pixel Traveler is available on iOS: 🎉🎊. Both platform have been unlocked on the Pixel Traveler landing page! Apparently there is a problem with the remote save game synchronization with iOS 🐞. To avoid messing with your save files, we have...