Pixel Traveler is ready for the new year!


The new year is around the corner: our team has just released a new maintenance version of Pixel Traveler to solve some issues reported by the players during the past weeks 🪲.

Last Minute for the new year

As part of our second major release, we introduced the Last Minute. The purpose was to provide extra free puzzles while we work on new destinations (or packs) and a way to challenge friends on beating the special puzzles as fast as possible.

The feature was not ready to support multiple years, so we made sure that Pixel Traveler can seamlessly support the transition between the Last Minute for 2022 and the Last Minute for 2023 🍾.

Rule Checker Bugfixes

The Rule Checker is a tool that simplifies the puzzle resolution, especially for people not familiar with Nurikabe. To avoid making the game too easy, the rule checker is not showing the correctness according to the puzzle solution, but rather is highlighting the problems accordingly to the current status of the grid, showing only information that is already public. This is done by performing some calculations that the team is still refining. This release contains the fixes to all the major bugs we have discovered so far.

Onboarding process failure

Recently new players complained about the lack of free puzzles in the game. We were initially surprised to hear that, but by digging deeper we discovered that the onboarding process had a UX problem ⚠️.

After completing the mandatory tutorial, the players were not sent directly to the Departure screen, where all free levels can be found, but rather back to the tutorial screen that contains the button to go the Travel agency, the game shop. New players that find themselves in the shop soon after the tutorial, may think that the game requires them to buy at least a pack.

We are doing our best to test all the new features, but sometimes we miss some bugs. This is why it is important to have an open communication. If you find and see something that doesn’t feel right, please send us an email or contact us on Discord.

We want you to enjoy the game and to have the best possible experience!

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