Videogame marketing made simple


Few days ago we announced Star Strooper as part of our action plan to understand what we did wrong with Pixel Traveler.

This time we learned a bit of digital marketing basis.

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Our team is currently all made by developers, we didn’t know much about these topics. After all we just want to code. Well, unfortunately this is not enough in the videogame industry…🧑‍💻💔

The first step was realizing that you, dear customer, don’t know we exist, you don’t know which games we have made, you don’t know why you should install our games instead of the ones made by competitors.

Ok, so, how can we fix that? 🤔 Managing the customers lifecycle!

In marketing there are 4 important phases that everyone which wants to sell a product needs to know:

  1. Awareness stage: where you help potential customers discover your brand
  2. Consideration stage: where you help your potential customers understand how your product is valuable for them
  3. Purchase stage: where you help your potential customer complete a purchase
  4. Post purchase stage: where you ensure your customers remain loyal to your brand

Starting with the awareness stage, we are already promoting Pixel Traveler with paid advertisement. This is where we stopped.

To increase the number of installations we now need to invest in the second step of the pipeline: the consideration stage.

With that in mind we created two landing pages: one for Pixel Traveler, the other for Star Strooper. At the bottom of the pages we also included the press kits to share with potential reviewers.

If you are curious about Star Strooper, you can finally find some material, check the link!😉

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