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Videogame marketing made simple


Few days ago we announced Star Strooper as part of our action plan to understand what we did wrong with Pixel Traveler. This time we learned a bit of digital marketing basis. Our team is currently all made by developers, we didn’t know much about these topics. After all we just want to code. Well, unfortunately this is not enough in the videogame industry…πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»πŸ’” The first step was...

First collaboration with a professional composer


When we talk about assets, our team is trying to create as much as possible in house, but we are mainly programmers so most of the times we need to rely on the Unity asset store. For the first time we decided to hire a professional music composer, Valerio Quirini, to write a couple of dark synthwave tracks for Star Strooper🎡. Here’s a sample of one of them: Looks promising, doesn’t it...

Sadly, it’s time to depart


Today, after a long day of work we received an unusual request from Giammarco Agazzotti, our main developer, he wanted to talk with us about something important. 😧 Today is a very difficult day for me. I decided to move on and seek for another adventure. The time spent with you at TwistedMirror Games has been amazing. I discovered and learned so much about mobile development, something new to me...

Star Strooper MVP: let’s try something new


After analyzing the problem with Pixel Traveler, we realized that we may have made two possible mistakes: We haven’t tried our idea before investing time in the developmentWe haven’t promoted our game properly Maybe we should validate our game ideas before committing months of our time in building something people don’t want eh? πŸ˜… With Pixel Traveler we started with the...