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Harsh Truth: Not everything goes according to plan


After 3 months from the release of Pixel Traveler we haven’t got the reaction we were expecting from the mobile game community. When we launched Alberi and Treasure Maps in 2011 and 2013 the users engagement was way higher: we received emails with feedback, comments, ideas, feature requests, etc.. almost every week and money was flowing since day one. Considering that we weren’t even...

Pixel Traveler: a colorful game about Nurikabe!


We took our time but we have finally released our first game: Pixel Traveler. Yes it’s pixel art 🤓 The game is about collecting souvenirs from various world locations by completing nurikabe puzzles. For who is not familiar with Nurikabe, the game is about solving a grid by following a set of rules, in a similar fashion as Sudoku: Wikipedia Since grid based puzzle games are most of the time...

Warming up: our test application with Unity 3D


In the past two weeks the team have been building the foundation for our future games: give a nice and warm welcome to our amazing and “eye-catching”…test application! 🎉🎉 What do you mean it’s not really eye-catching!? 😮 Ok, let’s talk about the good part: we have all the tools ready to start building our first game of 2021 💪. Since a lot changed in the game...

..Where everything begins (again): A new adventure

Our adventure started few years ago: with a lot of dreams and hopes we jumped into the rabbit hole of the indie videogame industry. Driven by our passion we invested most of our spare time and energy in our projects: we failed, we learned and we had our personal successes, but then without any notice life happened. Thus began the silence. Today we are happy to announce that the silence is finally...