Warming up: our test application with Unity 3D


In the past two weeks the team have been building the foundation for our future games: give a nice and warm welcome to our amazing and “eye-catching”…test application! 🎉🎉

Test application screenshot
What do you mean it’s not really eye-catching!? 😮

Ok, let’s talk about the good part: we have all the tools ready to start building our first game of 2021 💪.

Since a lot changed in the game development world in the past few years, we invested some time catching up with the latest tools, frameworks and libraries, so we could make an educated choice on what to use to simplify the development.

That’s why a test application is useful!

Our game engine of choice is Unity and for most of the mobile related functionalities we decided to use the following:

Everything works fine except for the integration of Unity ads with Iron source. For some unknown reasons we are not able to display any ad from that provider. Still investigating the issue 🐞🧐.

We will keep you posted. More info about our first game will be surely be announced soon 😉!

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